At the Yoga Loft our mission is to create and support a healthy vibrant community by providing a clean, safe space with empowered leadership to heal, build, maintain and challenge the mind and body.

We have been offering yoga classes to the West Shore communities since 2004. Originally the studio was known as Bikram Yoga Westshore and was located  on Goldstream Avenue by Veteran’s Memorial Parkway. In October of 2014 the studio was relocated to Wilfert Road in Colwood as it was deemed that the current location no longer served it’s needs. Since 2012 we have offered various types of yoga and fitness classes. The Bikram method yoga class is our foundation class. We also offer multiple styles of yoga, pilates classes, and frequent special events and workshops. We are thankful and proud of our mature team of experienced teachers who offer up their amazing energy, knowledge, and life experience. Our team cares deeply about the yoga and the community.

We have showers and change rooms, plenty of free parking, mat and towel service, a yoga boutique loaded with yoga clothing and accessories and we are wheelchair accessible. We are totally open to bringing yoga to our community through school and sports programs and are open to all ages. We have child minding for some classes, as well as a weekly by donation yoga class and a by donation meditation class.

Every Friday night at 6pm we host by donation yoga. No Membership, Class Card, or prior knowledge of yoga is necessary, making this class accessible to every type of budget. Our desire to is share yoga with everyone. We believe that it is the best way to maintain overall health, and to look and feel your best. Collectively we are a health conscious community. We strive to keep our studio welcoming and friendly to all. Beginners are welcomed and encouraged. There is no specific ‘type’ of body that is required! Anyone can do yoga and benefit from it.

We invite you to come in and try out all of the different styles of yoga that we offer, for yourself. Forget what you’ve heard, or haven’t heard, what you think you know and what you don’t know. Decide for your self rather than take another persons opinion on developing your yoga practice. Everyone is different and everyone has their own experience at yoga. We recommend taking a minimum of three classes before you make any big decisions about your body and yoga. Be prepared to go through the awkward beginner stages! That’s part of taking on anything new. Practice feeling uncomfortable at the start and being gentle with yourself as you slowly learn the postures and adjust to the climate of the room. There is plenty of time.

Front Desk Team

Chelsea Lajeunesse

chelsea-lajeunesse-frontdeskI first began Bikram method yoga when I started working at the studio part-time in 2010 as a nineteen year old. Six years later I am still here and wouldn’t have it any other way! This yoga has become a huge part of my life; it kept me balanced through my university years as a full-time student having to keep up on homework, working other jobs, making time for others, and playing sports. For me 90 minutes in the hot room is a place where I can stabilize my mind from the busy outside world while building strength and flexibility to supplement my other training. After four and a half years of practicing, the longest break I’ve taken from the yoga is one month while away traveling. This time away from the yoga made me realize how much I cherish and need it in my life – it’s like my oxygen!

The Yoga Loft is a fabulous place to practice and an amazing place to work! I love coming to work here as I get to see all the happy, smiling practitioners and teachers that bring the lively and positive energy to the studio. Some of my favourite memories while working at the studio include the fundraising yogathons and participating in the 30 day yoga challenges. Even though everyone has their own individual practice during the yogathons and challenges, the powerful group energy makes it feel as if you are working together as a team – the feeling is indescribable!

Outside of the yoga studio, I love to run, strength train, hike, visit the amazing beaches in my community of Sooke, and of course, travel! After completing my Bachelor of Education Degree in April 2014, my brother and I took off to Europe for a trip of a lifetime. Now that I am a certified elementary school teacher, my next adventure awaits in Australia, where I plan to move and teach there this coming new year. I am so excited about what the future has to bring me. Whatever path I find myself on, I know that I’ll always have this yoga and my Yoga Loft family to help me along the journey.

Kat Ellis

kat-garvey-frontdeskThe Yoga Loft community consists of a group of caring individuals who inspire hope and strength into my every day life. The teachers as well as the yogis that I practice beside are some of the toughest people that I’ve ever met. Their stories are all different but what they have in common with me is that, regarding self realisation, they have found the ultimate tool of personal resilience. In my 10 years of gymnastics training I had endured two serious neck injuries, busted knees and wrists, sprained ankles, a hematoma to my quadricep and many unpleasant encounters with the balance beam. It was in January of 2009 that my worst injury occurred. Partially due to tight chest and shoulder muscles, I had an accident that damaged my long thoracic nerve, leaving me with very little mobility in my right arm, no feeling in my little finger, and an enduring pain in my shoulder and back. Needless to say, I was devastated as fear overwhelmed me and I believed that my street dancing and snowboarding days were over.

Physio therapy and chiropractic treatments did not give me the same pain relief that hot yoga did, and so I decided to commit to the 26 postures to combat my depression and weight gain. In 4 years, Bikram method yoga has grown back nerves, broken down scar tissue and squashed person insecurities. I tell you with confidence that this hot yoga, and hip hop music, saved my life.