Day Twenty Eight – All Done – John

Well here we go, the first time in over 10 years of practicing that I have finished a 30 DC in less than 30Days. Usually the last weekend and days leading up to the end are silly, doing doubles and the occasional triple in order to complete on time. I’m always up in my head “knowing” that I will be judged if I fail and I always forget that its a challenge for everyone to make the time to get to yoga, even if its only once a week. Unfortunately I have a “little” competitive streak that sometimes becomes completely irrational.

This year was different, the time was there, it wasn’t a conscience decision to “make” time, it’s just that it seemed to expand as required during the month for me. I am really enjoying the moving meditations that can, if I let go, clear my head for a few moments at a time. There has been an awful lot of stuff going on in life these days as I am starting to freelance again and there is always that fear when taking on more change. The yoga has helped a lot as I realize that in that moment there is nothing I can do but breathe and feel the floor through my feet, that action keeps me present, not worrying (projecting into the future) or regretting (actions of the past), just being (present in this moment) and escaping from the committee in my head that is always trying to run the show.

I actually finished 2 days ahead of schedule and ended up scattering 5 doubles over the 30 days (combining a 90 minute Level 1 class followed by a 60 minute Yin Class on a Sunday night mostly) with three days off. This for me is the best cure for everything, a hard physical workout to tire the body and mind and then just relaxing in the warm after glow even sometimes napping in the Yin class. I let go of who was teaching and what classes were on and just worked my schedule, usually 6 pm or slightly before or after during the week and then mostly afternoons during the weekend. I even got one day off per week, unscheduled, when life demanded it from me through other commitments, and then not worrying about it, just trying to let go and see what happened, like when traffic is backed up and there is only 10 minutes till class starts, somehow things would open up and I would get there. I think  its the same letting go (or giving over to a higher power) that has helped keep me clean and sober for 27 years one day at a time. I also find parking spots downtown this way, it can get a little weird but OH WELL.

As for teaching the two or three that I get to teach each week. I Love leading those classes and seeing each of you in the room in those minutes as you are, I love connecting and talking with you before and after class and learning more about your lives. We are all so similar in our hopes and dreams regardless of all the many differences we celebrate, you are my clan.

Thank you and a shout out to all you that signed up, I don’t care if you only did 1 class, you were willing in that moment to commit to your personal growth and that says tons.

As for the no bread challenge, I had some Nan bread on Saturday night after my last class and a piece of toast with breakfast this morning. I am ready to become a “Glutard” as my friend says – I would never personally use that term 😉  because within a few hours my tummy issues were back, Oh Well, some things are harder than others.