If you have a current Class Pass or are a current Member of Yoga Loft Studio, services will be offered to you at Quantum Yoga Club at no cost with some conditions. QYC is owned and operated by long time studio owner operator Ken Mayes. No financial compensation or consideration was provided to either QYC or Yoga Loft and QYC is under no obligation to provide services but has agreed to work with us to ensure our students and members have the choice to continue to practice and to ease the pain of our closure by providing a welcoming home. QYC is focused on community and customer service and offers traditional bikram method hot yoga, hot yoga 60 minute classes, hot pilates and yin yoga.

If you would like to continue with services at Quantum Yoga Club please use the following link:

Please follow this link to connect to Quantum Yoga Club:

and provide your name and contact information. This will allow both studios to most effectively serve you while managing data and respecting privacy policy. Yoga Loft must provide QYC with your account information directly. Yoga Loft students must sign up on the QYC website OR in studio prior to July 31st to receive the offer for mirrored services. There will be no holds, suspensions or extensions on Unlimited Memberships. QYC will determine expiration dates on all limited Class Passes.

This link also makes it easy for you to join the QYC Facebook Page and provides location, parking and other important information. We would like to thank Ken Mayes personally and the staff at QYC for taking time to create a warm welcoming place for our students and for all the support we have experienced so far through this challenging time. It is truly a testament to the power of yoga and community.

If you are an Autopay Member:

All payments as of June 24th have been canceled. All payments between June 12th and June 24th have been pro-rated to June 24th. Please email the studio if you have questions regarding your classes or membership.

We apologize for any inconvenience our closure has caused and we will miss your presence and your light. It has been our great pleasure to be in service to the community, in and outside of class. We have enjoyed so many rich and meaningful conversations over the years and witnessed profound transformation and growth.

If you wish to send a note as a testimonial to what Yoga and our studio have meant to you and to your life we can assure you that each and every email will be given the attention it deserves. We will be compiling a memory book and would love to include your story. We have already received some amazing and inspiring letters of testimony and heartfelt thanks to all of you who have reached out to us in person, by phone and in writing. We love you and wish you all the best.

With love and gratitude,

John and Jacqueline Ellis