Day Eighteen – Jax

Here’s how it starts, here’s the story:

First time into the hot yoga class, it’s super hot. I mean they said it would be hot, but really it’s too hot. Then you start to get used to it. Then you start to like it more and more. Then wham, you are in love. Now here sometimes it’s get’s tricky for some of us. It’s all just too much. Too much reality. Too much of  YOU! Too much to take. And it’s so challenging physically. The more you get used to it, the more challenging it becomes. It’s self leveling somehow though. And by the time you are home it’s all completely worth it because you feel so amazing. So maybe you might think that it’s not really love, it’s something else. Oh I know, it’s a cult. It must be a cult or brainwashing of some sort, or for sure it’s an addiction. Ok but wait, you are missing it. More and more. You did feel good when you were doing it. But it was so hot! And so hard. Hmmmm….but you miss it. Maybe try it again. Must be me, everyone else seemed fine, actually they seemed more than fine they seemed blissed out, tuned it and super focused, yes they seemed extremely focused. Plus they are so happy. Everyone always smiling and happy. And occasional a lot of crying is happening but somehow there is still a happiness even in with all the crying. And it’s not so hot now….actually by 20 minutes in it’s quite lovely. And if it’s too much well then you just lie down and presto it’s ok, just breathe and try to chill and relax. And also you feel more relaxed about a lot of stuff. And also you are standing taller, and feeling better, and eating better, and drinking more water, and smiling a lot more, and feeling younger and looking younger and healthier.  And all of a sudden….YES it is LOVE and you are IN it. For sure. It is love and you are never ever going to leave it again. And that’s the story – the most common story.

It’s the story that I have heard at least a hundred times at least in the past 9 years. I love hearing all the stories. Every day I get to hear them, again and again. All the wonderful things that happen when people start and sustain a regular yoga practice. The stories all nourish my soul and affirm what I am doing has so much worth and goodness and value, that I am on the right path serving up this yoga day after day.

Yesterday’s class was delightful. Sandwiched between teaching the 4pm and the 7:30pm I took the 6pm Hot Powerflow 60 class with Shelly. Yes I was in the room for 4 hours, and it was awesome. What a workout and a stretch, renewed and ready to roll for the 7:30pm class. The yoga usually gives me energy. However Wednesdays’ class was another story all together. I was so whacked out afterwards I went and had a little lie-down on the floor in the childcare room, sipped on some water and closed my eyes (in the dark with the door closed) and stayed there for about 15 minutes until the speed of my body’s energies slowed down enough for me to cope and ground and connect with the rest of the world. An hour later and I was really good and feeling clear and calm.

I did 25 call backs today, taught 2 classes and also did a Hellerwork session, it was a full day. I had the opportunity to speak to many of the people I called in person rather than just getting a machine. They shared their experiences, and questions about the various classes. I spoke to one person who had never done any hot yoga and she came to the Yin class and felt that it was too hot! This was a surprise to me as the Yin class is not supposed to be hot. It’s supposed to be warm, but not hot. I asked John (he had taken the class) and he said he felt a little chilly in the class, as it was only around 34 degrees. HA!! 34 degrees?!! I said to him “You are such a hot yogi! You are chilly and it’s 34 degrees celcius! You are completely out of touch with what the words ‘cool’ and ‘warm’ and ‘hot’ mean to most people in Victoria. All of you hot yogis know exactly what I am talking about. It’s exactly like those hard core gymnasts who look like they are related to the Egyptian mummies because of the massive amounts of sports tape on their bodies. I get it completely. For the love of sport, fitness, health and yoga. All hail sports tape and 40 degree yoga. It’s what we love and it is absolutely and completely normal.