Day # Twenty Three – Jax

Today was a double, no trouble. I took Kat’s Hip & Core class at 6pm and then Eddie’s Level I 90 class at 7:30pm. I also taught the 6am class and the 9:30am class, so lots of time in the heat today. Soooooo good! Kat’s class was packed, fun, challenging and apparently a perfect warm up for Eddie’s class. I could really feel my limbs after all of that planking and down dog and leg work. I got to practice beside Anne-Marie who happens to be one of my fave yogis. When we moved studios this star wanted to help. She came and helped out so much, and she made it extra fun. She is always herself. She is someone I can depend on to be the same reliable person each day, caring, giving, understanding and compassionate – a beautiful human being. So it was fun to practice beside her. We had some good giggles together, and again in this class my lefts and rights were out in center field! Second class I was dripping from the moment we started, a hot yogi dream. Humid, not too hot, lots of bodies, good and juicy. Eddie’s soothing encouraging voice and calm confident nature helped me to stay grounded. I felt some tremendous opening through my front body. John and I did 90 minutes of Yin together on Sunday night at home in front of the fire, and I could feel some areas opening as a result of that. I now have 3 doubles left to do and I will be all caught up and on track to finish this Challenge!