Day # Twenty Two – Jax

To feel the intensity of the energy in my body, for me there are very few experiences that are more intense than a powerful bikram method class. I once had an experience with my friend and healer Dar Jmayoff which totally blew my mind. She wasn’t touching me and all of my clothes were on. I felt a liquid light fill my mouth and then start down into my body and it filled my body limb by limb and then I began to feel as if I was floating. The treatment was 1 hour and I floated and felt pure joy. I could see my self on the table and I could see Dar as well. I was ‘behind’ my mind’s eye, as if my viewing point was from deep inside my head. I came to her feeling a lot of stress and anxiety and then I just completely let go and the feelings of healing that I received from Dar that day stayed with me for weeks to come. I had never before had anything that could even come close to this experience.

Today’s class was something a little similar though. As I lay still in the savasanas I could feel this swirling tingling energy moving up from my lower spine all the way to my head, like a wave of fluid moving. I believe it is the power of the kundalini energy and it comes to me more often now than ever. I don’t get this from working out or weights or cycling or anything other than yoga and sex. It is truly divine, this power and energy, limitless, boundless and exciting. I LOVE it! If there is a part of this yoga that is addictive for me, this is it. If you’ve not had it yet – keep practicing and wait for it, it will come. And it’s hard not to chase that feeling because it’s so amazing I just want more of it. It takes total surrender to the moment and, well I don’t really understand how it happens but if I did I would make it happen all the time! I feel joy and happiness and ecstasy. And that is my yoga today, a hard class to top. Thank you Rachel!