Day Twenty Four and Twenty Five – Jax

Two days melded together for me and a lot of yoga happened. I worked a lot, teaching and desk stuff, preparing for taxes, etc. I had lunch with my dear friend Jane Farries on Wednesday and then a lunch meeting with two awesome yogis and powerful women Wendy Debeck and Owl Blake on Thursday. Sometimes I attempt to pack too much into one day, I am sure everyone can relate. However this week I learned that late evening meetings are not a great idea. People are tired, a little cranky (me too), and hungry. I will not call a meeting in the evening again.

On Wednesday I taught the morning music class and took the evening music class with Eddie followed by the Yin class with Courtney. I love the music classes and I want to put more of them on my schedule.  Through this 30 Day Challenge I can feel my hips and shoulders changing and opening. Things I have been wondering about for a long time are starting to happen. I often say that we have no idea what our bodies are really capable of. This is a truth and can be realized by those that perform amazing feats under great pressure like lifting cars off of people, etc. Ok so nothing that amazing happened to me! I did not lift a truck off someone. However last night in Powerflow class I was only 2 inches off the floor in the splits with my right leg forward. That is amazing! Never have I been that close to doing the splits – I am shocked. It’s not earth shattering and life saving news, but it’s pretty cool. Also I was dancing in the kitchen yesterday afternoon with the dogs (doesn’t everyone do this?) and I can now feel the top of my femurs actually ‘rotating’ inside the acetabulum, something I’ve never felt. I can feel the circular nature of my hip joints. Their shape is now reflected within movement. My hips have always felt angular getting stuck here and there within a circular pattern with their corners and edges. Now these edges are smoothing out and lengthening. I imagine scar tissue and congestion breaking down and moving away, I visualize it happening.

John said something last night as we were discussing the art of teaching. He said “I don’t want to connect with the teacher, I want to connect with myself.” I wrote it down and reflected on what that really means. I need a few days to ponder it before I can intelligently articulate on his statement, but it does seem profoundly important to do so.

I made a new playlist for the Hockey Workshop that we hosted at the studio last weekend and thought I’d post it along with this blog entry. It’s mostly instrumental, enjoy! Wishing you all a beautiful day. xo Jacqueline

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